The Critical importance of technology transfer and intellectual property management

PhD. Candidate of Law, Intellectual Property Specialist, Innovation and Tech Transfer Centre, West University of Timișoara, Bd. Vasile Parvan, no. 4, Timisoara, 300223 Romania



Andra Cenan Glăvan is an intellectual property specialist at the Innovation and Tech Transfer Centre at the West University of Timișoara. Her research focuses on intellectual property rights and valorisation, co-creation and, as part of her PhD research, a focus on corporate rights and obligations. The critical importance of tech transfer and intellectual property will be underlined, especially delving into the intersection of innovation and legal safeguards in the dynamic landscape of medical research. These indispensable insights into healthcare advancements and technology transfer in general offer a framework of strategies, challenges and benefits associated with IP protection and the value of intellectual assets.


Keywords: Intellectual Property; Tech Transfer; Innovation; Medical Research; IP protection and management.