Healthcare Village

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The HEALTHCARE VILLAGE is where start-ups, companies and healthcare service providers products demo, exchange ideas, explore business opportunities, and learn during the exhibition, extraordinary panel with high-level decision-makers and our scientific program. It is the ideal context for fruitful conversations about innovation in healthcare, its role and its place in the healthcare process.


Exhibition Venue

The first half of the second day of the RoMedINF conference, 15 September, from 09:00 to 13:30, is dedicated to an exhibition where participating companies will showcase their products and innovations. The exhibition is held in the Auditorium of the “Pius Branzeu” Timișoara County Hospital, the largest hospital in Romania, with participation, among others, of hospital medical staff, residents and students.

Every startup attending the Healthcare Village will have a booth space to demo their products and a time slot to do a pitch.

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